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As a fashion company, OOOG Brand has connected with a lifestyle in such a way that it defines our business. We have in fact developed an extremely strong bond between our brand and a particular sub culture of society. We have achieved such a bond with a particular segment of humanity (our customers) because OOOG Brand understands that being a true lifestyle brand means that our company has a true pulse on the needs and wants of our customers. We become one with our customers.

​In tradition, a “Triple OG” is someone who is recognized as having acquired wisdom through his/her struggles.  But for Street Lotto, the name has come to represent something bigger. “I looked at how perfectly the three O’s are intertwined and realized that those easily represent something much higher than myself. We tailor each item we create to each customer as a reminder that God has an individual plan for us all. OOOG is a reminder of the Omnipotent Opportunities Of God.

His initial marketing efforts on social media and word of mouth have too evolved to more intense marketing strategies. The OOOG Brand is currently supported by many top names such as celebrity entertainer Yung LA, comedienne and actress Sommore, comedic actor Gary Owen, DJ Hurricane, actor Rodney Perry, comedian and actor Bill Bellamy and many more. Consumers just organically gravitate to the OOOG Brand, a brand that represents something much higher than a dream of becoming better. It’s not just fashionable pieces but the spirit of the brand that empowers consumers.

OOOG Brand founder and creator, Street Lotto made no mistake. His fashion stance, humble spirit, business sense was just a small portion of why he is successful. With over 10 years of hard work and commitment, Street Lotto has branded himself as a supreme brand in the fashion and music industry. Street Lotto completed projects with many music icons such as Bone Crusher, Sommore DJ Toomp, Gary Owen, Legendary DJ Dana (Production for Boyz Of The Hood, Bad Boy South w/ Young Joc), Nappy Roots, 98 Degrees, Skinny Deville, Daz Dillinger (Dogg Pound), Mistah Fab, Turf Talk, Jarvis (soundtrack on “Random Encounters”) and many more.

His faith has stabilized him; propelling his efforts above levels that has taken many more than a decade to reach. Born in Cincinnati, now residing in Atlanta., Lotto sought opportunity to better himself and focus on a career in music, overcoming the obstacles of the drug trade in his native city. In support of one of his many projects, Street Lotto launched the OOOG Brand, a line of custom-made t-shirts and hoodies which has since become one of the fastest growing brands in urban fashion.

OOOG Brand has evolved into more than just t-shirts and hoodies. It has become the epitome of lifestyle fashion brands. From the urban scene to the golf course, OOOG Brand stands to accommodate all facets of today’s fashion scene with a clean, fresh look that compliments the latest trends.


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